Kettering City Council announces agenda for September 28, 2021, meeting


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Kettering, Ohio-The Kettering City Council is scheduled to meet on Tuesday, September 28, 2021. This is the Council’s first regular meeting since their August 24, 2021, meeting. This is also the first time the Council has met at all since their September 2, 2021, special workshop Council. The Council had to cancel their regularly scheduled September 14, 2021, meeting because of not having a quorum. The lack of a quorum was caused in part by the current vacancies in Council Districts 1 and 2.

Mayor Don Patterson will lead the Council in two meetings on the 28th. Council will first meet in a workshop session at 6:00 P.M. in the Deeds Room of the Kettering Government Center. At the time this article was published, the Council had not released an agenda for the Workshop session. The Kettering City Council will then move to the Council Chambers at the Government session for its regular meeting to be held at 7:30 P.M. on the 28th.

Council’s agenda for the September 28, 2021, 7:30 P.M. regular meeting is extensive. Council will view a special video presentation on Neighborhood Pride Awards.

Council will also consider two ordinances in “Second Reading”. First Council will consider an ordinance to amend the Traffic Control Map and the Traffic Control File. These changes are to codify traffic signs that have been installed on various Kettering streets.

The second Ordinance would repeal Ordinance No. 4353-20 and would replace it with a new ordinance related to Kettering’s position classification plan, compensation plan, and pay schedules. The new ordinance would also implement rules and regulations related to conditions of work and supplemental benefits for City employees.

The Council is scheduled to consider 11 Resolutions at their meeting. The first proposed resolution would establish property tax rates as set by the Budget Commission. The resolution also proposes authorizing and certifying tax levies to the Montgomery and Greene County Auditors.

Another resolution proposes allowing the City Manager to accept donations totaling $3,600 from the Fraternal Order of Police Association (FOPA), and the Kettering Police Foundation. The donations would be used to purchase police mountain bikes for the Kettering Police Department’s bike patrol unit.

Council will also consider a resolution to authorize the City to contract with Motorola Solutions and P & R Communications for upgrades to the Kettering Dispatch Center. The proposed resolution says that the estimated cost of the project is $80,000 and that the Kettering budgeted $100,000 for it.

The 4th resolution would authorize a Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Fraternal Order of Police Kettering Lodge No. 92. The resolution says that the agreement is consistent with a tentative agreement reached by bargaining teams.

Councilmembers will also vote on a resolution to approve allowing the City to apply for Federal Fast Act Funds and Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriation Act Funds. These funds are being made available through the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission. The resolution proposes applying for funds for resurfacing projects on Wilmington Pike, Woodman Drive, Marshall Road, and Dorothy Lane.

Another resolution seeks to authorize the City Manager to contract for engineering design services for the West Avenue Bridge Rehabilitation Project. The resolution says that the estimated cost of the project is $60,000 and that it would be funded from 2021 CIP underspending funds.

The Kettering City Council will also consider a resolution to acquire 0.0081 acres of land at 20 Rembrandt Boulevard, Kettering, OH 45420. This acquisition was proposed to allow Phase 3 of the Kettering Traffic Signal Replacement project to move forward. The resolution estimated the value of the land acquisition to be $611.00.

The 8th resolution on Council’s September 28th
agenda proposes authorizing Kettering to purchase property at 3404 Wilmington Pike. The resolution sets the purchase price at $35,000 plus closing costs and fees. The resolution is being proposed by the Planning and Development Department, but the resolution does not indicate why the City wants to purchase the property.

The agenda’s next resolution proposes having Kettering donate $30,000 to the Kettering Backpack program. The funds would have to be used to procure food and related items for feeding hungry children residing in Kettering.

Another resolution would authorize the City Manager to apply for a supplemental Small Business Administration (SBA) grant for Fraze Pavilion. If SBA approves the grant, the funds would be used for an extended performance period from March 1, 2020, through June 30, 2022.

The agenda’s final resolution would make various appropriations for City of Kettering expenditures for the current fiscal year ending December 31, 2021. The proposed appropriations were spread among multiple departments. The resolution proposed appropriating $709,800 from the General Fund, $18,000 from the Street Maintenance Fund, $1,900 from the Police Pension Fund, $77,800 from the Parks and Recreation Fund, $9,600 from the Fraze Pavilion Operations Fund, and $1,200 from the Special Grants and Programs Fund.

The Kettering City Council will also consider the First Reading of an Ordinance to allocate $300 for the purchase of property for Phase 3 of the Kettering Traffic Signal Replacement project. The Ordinance describes the property being purchased as “Parcels 13-WD).

Council will also consider scheduling public hearings regarding Planning Commission recommendations for Zoning Test Amendments (P.C. 21-015), and Comprehensive Plan Amendments (P.C. 21-016).

Both the Workshop meeting and the regular Council meeting are open to the public. The Kettering Government Center is located at 3600 Shroyer Rd., Kettering, OH 45429. Residents can find the agenda with copies of the resolutions at Although the Workshop meeting is not broadcast, Residents can watch the Council’s regular meeting live at 7:30 P.M. on Tuesday, September 28, 2021, on Government Access Channel (GATV) 6 on Spectrum Cable. You can also find the complete GATV schedule and live stream the Council meeting at

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