Kettering announces winner of 33rd annual Kettering Neighborhood Pride Award winners


Kettering Neighborhood Pride logo - City of Kettering

Kettering, Ohio – Kettering’s Neighborhood Pride Awards honor property owners who have made significant improvements to their homes and businesses. The City of Kettering says that the award has become a “treasured award” in the community.

Kettering opens award nominations on May 1st of each year, and nominations close on August 1st of each year. Properties can be nominated by anyone in the community. Residents can even nominate their own property.

Kettering presents awards in each of 12 residential districts for the months of June, July, and August. Kettering also presents one commercial Neighborhood Pride Awards during June, July, and August. Overall, the City presents awards to 39 property owners each year.

Each winner will receive a signed certificate from Kettering Mayor Don Patterson, a photo of their home, and a USB driving containing a Neighborhood Pride video produced in partnership between the City and the Miami Valley Communications Council (MVCC). Award recipients also had a sign placed in their yard for several weeks that designated their home as a Kettering Neighborhood Pride Award honoree.

Typically, the city presents the awards at a City Council meeting, but this year, due to COVID-19, the awards will be presented at a drive-thru ceremony at the Kettering Government Complex on Thursday, September 30, 2021.

The 2021 Kettering Neighborhood pride award winners:


June 2021

District 1- Christy Ruffner, 1949 Courtland Ave.
District 2 – Timothy & Deborah Roark, 2898 Prentice Dr.
District 3 – Lucas Jenkins, 4480 Woodner Dr.
District 4 – Bob & Ann Whiteside, 4573 Ridgebury Dr.
District 5 – Stefanie & Steven Schaffer, 2800 Colonial Ave.
District 6 – Mark Anderson & Lois Madrie, 304 Cushing Ave.
District 7 –Todd & Darcie Moncrief, 4351 Renwood Dr.
District 8 – Colleen McCormick & Chuck Chambers, 365 Canterbury Dr.
District 9 – Anne & Larry Lawhorne, 571 Eagle Cir.
District 10 – Bessie & Herb Smith, 3303 Regent St.
District 11 – Bobby Tayim, 1260 Brooklands Rd.
District 12 – Jack and Stephanie Putnam, 4265 Wilmington Pike
Commercial – Wenzler Day Care & Learning Center – 4535 Presidential Way

July 2021

District 1 – John & Sharon Hutchinson, 1816 Vermeer Dr.
District 2 – Alan & Hope Zins, 1724 Farrington Dr.
District 3 – Matt & Nicole Wallace, 3717 Braddock St.
District 4 – Frank & Barbara Grimsley, 1936 Woodbriar Dr.
District 5 – Tedd & Victoria Shimp, 2708 Acorn Dr.
District 6 – Andrew & Ashley Brown, 1106 Kenosha Rd.
District 7 – Robert Zimmer, 801 Stoneybrook Dr.
District 8 – Louis & Deborah Schirack, 740 W. Dorothy Ln.
District 9 – David & Sheila Sisson, 424 Honeysuckle Dr.
District 10 – Marsha Purtee, 1324 Belvoir Ave.
District 11 – Lawrence & Jennifer Evans, 2165 Willowgrove Ave.
District 12 – Melissa Watkins, 3753 Kingswood Dr.
Commercial – Kettering Memorial VFW Post 9927, 3316 Wilmington Pike

August 2021

District 1 – Amelia Kayes, 1517 Barney Ave.
District 2 – Todd & Nicole Guy, 3005 E. Cunnington Ln.
District 3 – Kate Kelly, 4230 Clarendon Dr.
District 4 – Douglas & Rhonda Hess, 2252 Berrycreek Dr.
District 5 – Lori Lee, 2920 Royalston Ave.
District 6 – Laura Vielbig, 133 N. Bromfield Rd.
District 7 – Christopher & Princess Teague, 813 Larriwood Ave.
District 8 – Brad & Allie Hosler, 500 Canterbury D.
District 9 – Gary & Candice Webb, 4300 Shrubb Dr.
District 10 – Daniel Landis, 3475 Westbury Rd.
District 11 – Gail Kepler, 2320 Willowgrove Ave.
District 12 – Michael & Kimberly Flynn, 4133 Meadowcroft Rd.
Commercial – Kettering American Legion Post 598 – 5700 Kentshire Dr.

The committee that selects the Neighborhood Pride Award winners are all volunteers. The 2021 committee was co-chaired by Rob Jahn, Gail Carone, and Mark and Carol Messer. The 2021 Committee members were Kathy Waker, Jim Bolton, Del and Ginny Herbeck, Maureen Willits, Chuck Dickerson, Gale Heller, Pat Ferguson, April Mason, and Donna Spears.

At the September 28, 2021, Kettering City Council meeting, both Kettering Mayor, Don Patterson, and Kettering Volunteer Coordinator Dawn Kirchner thanked the committee for their hard work in selecting the 2021 award recipients. For Kettering’s 33rd annual Kettering Neighborhood Pride Awards the committee reviewed a total of 402 nominations.

Patterson and Kirchner also congratulated the 2021 Kettering Neighborhood Pride Award winners, and the Council also played the MVCC produced the video that highlighted each home. Residents can view pictures of the winning homes at The city will also be posting the video for viewing. The videos and photographs were produced by Carl Suchomel of MVCC.

The competition is stiff, but residents have plenty of time to start working on beautifying their homes for the 2022 Kettering Neighborhood Pride Awards.

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