Residents can understand Kettering City Government by understanding the Kettering City Charter


City of Kettering Ohio logo - Todd Elzey

Kettering, Ohio - The Kettering Ohio region was formed when settler John Patterson built a log cabin in the area in 1798. By 1841 the area's population expanded to the point that Van Buren Township was formed. 

Van Buren Township would be around for over 100 years. But in November 1952, Van Buren Township disbanded and voters approved incorporating the Village of Kettering. 

The village was named after one of its most famous residents, Charles F. Kettering. Kettering was a noted philanthropist and inventor. One of his most famous inventions was the automobile self starter.

By 1955 the Village of Kettering's population had grown to 38,118. This population growth qualified the village to become a City.  The Ohio Secretary of State certified Kettering as a city on June 24, 1955. Kettering is now Dayton's largest superb with a population exceeding 55,000. 

Kettering City government is a Home Rule City Charter and Council-Manager style of government. This form of government became effective January 1, 1956, and remains in force to this day. 

The Kettering Ohio City Council consists of seven council members. Council members represent one of 4 districts. Two Council members are at-large and represent the entire City. The seventh member of the Council is the Mayor.  Council members and the mayor are non-partisan and are elected every 4 years.  

The City Council makes policy for the City. The Council also appoints Kettering's City Manager, who is in charge of implementing Council's policies and running the day-to-day operations of the City. 

All of the activities of Kettering's City government are guided by Kettering's City Charter. Understanding the Charter is a great way to understand how Kettering City Government works. The Kettering Sentinel is pleased to share with residents the current complete Charter for your review. The Charter is attached. 

If you find something in the Charter you would like to know more about, or if there is something about Kettering City Government that you would like to know about, ask us and we'll find out the answer and share it with the community.

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