Kettering leaf collection program to begin Monday, October 18, 2021


Fall leaves on the ground with a rake - Elena Elisseeva licensed from Deposit Photos

Kettering, Ohio – Fall is in the air and the leaves are starting to fall to the ground in Kettering. Of course, the falling of leaves also brings the annual dilemma of what to do with all of those leaves.

Fortunately, for Kettering residents, the City helps solve the Fall leaf problem. Each fall, Kettering runs a curbside leaf collection program to help residents get rid of all the falling leaves. This year's fall leaf collection program will run from October 18, 2021, through November 29, 2021.

Kettering asks residents to follow these guidelines:

1. Rake all leaves to the curb.

2. Do not rake leaves into the street or in any way obstruct traffic.

3. Make sure leaves are not under, between, or around parked cars.

4. Do not block storm drains or waterways.

5. Do not bag your leaves.

6. Do not rake anything except leaves to the curb for pick up. Leaf piles containing other debris will not be picked up by the City.

7. Rake early. Start raking as soon as leaves start to fall. Do not wait until City crews are near your district to rake leaves.

The City particularly cautions residents to make sure that you only have leaves at the curb for pickup. Branches, sticks, and other yard debris can clog the City’s machinery. The time needed to unclog the machinery throws crews off schedule. So the City will not pick up leaf piles that other debris mixed in.

Kettering has divided the city into 10 leaf collection zones. Leaf collection will begin on October 18th in Zone 1, which is in the Northeast part of the city. Residents can find their collection zone at Crews will make several passes through each district.

Kettering will provide daily updates regarding which leaf zones are scheduled for collection on that date. Residents can access the daily update by calling 937-296-3255, visiting the City’s website at, visiting the City’s Facebook page at, or by following the City on Twitter at

Kettering collects the leaves for free, so your only cost is the time and energy spent raking the leaves to the curb. In fact, you just might benefit from the program, because the City says that leaves are “… taken to the City’s leaf composting center where leaves will be converted to mulch and compost, then offered free of charge to residents each spring.” The City believes that the Fall leaf collection and composting program is one of the “…most unique and highly valued services…” offered by Kettering.

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